"capturing memories for a liftetime...priceless!"

Coast to Coast

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Susan and David

I had the pleasure to work with this couple and their family in Tofino...one of my favorite places. I was surprised to learn that the entire group was from the East Coast, even the couple who are recent additions to Vancouver!
Wow, what a great family! Anyone I have ever met from the East Coast has the most wonderful sense of humor and these people did not let me down! Combined with a couple who was more than willing to have a little fun, take some risks (that cliff was a bit scary) and get dirty...makes for a fantastic day!

I am crossing fingers that I get to work with them all again on the East Coast next year for Susan's brother's wedding!!!
Nope, I haven't forgot!!!

Martha, Eat Your Heart Out!!!

For me two words describe this couple and their wedding...
Family and Happiness!!

Scott and Jo have one of the sweetest stories that
I've heard in awhile...(simply put)
High School classmates
...I asked "why didn't you nab her then?"
...Scott tells me "oh Treena, she was untouchable
...just look at her"
So years later when they are both at the High School reunion,
Scott worked up the courage and finally approached Jo
...and the result, two beautiful families joined together!

It was a pleasure to meet and photograph
this couple and their family!

Urban Shoot!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jesse and Gina obliged me and agreed to their portrait session in downtown Nanaimo! I have been really wanting to do something more "urban" and WOW, was it ever fun!!

I think they were both surprised and pleased to enjoy a glass of ale while we were doing the photographs!!

The beach is great...but sometimes is nice to have fun in another playground!!

Interested in having your session in an "urban" setting...
check out their proofs in the portraits proofing gallery!

We're Back!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Every time that we go back to Alberta, we miss it!!!
The prairies are my stomping grounds!
This is the skyline that I grew up with!

However, once we got close to the coast again and
I could smell the ocean,
I knew we were home!

It was a great trip and a promise to do it again soon!

We went to Banff, one of my favorite places, celebrated our 15th anniversary, my little girl learnt how to ride her bike, spent time with my two nieces, seen the new baby giraffe at the Calgary Zoo...only 4 days old, the kids played hard everyday and had black feet to show for it, my hubby won his division of disc golf and proudly brought home an egg plus some cash and a whole lot of stories,
and I got to meet this little man...Matthew and of course spend time with his mommy and daddy!