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The Blog Blitz!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

You might have noticed that the last few entries have all been made on the same day!
Its a bloggin blitz because we are off and away to Alberta!
My hubby is meeting the boys and going to throw a frisbee around the hoodoo's (aka big party). The kids and I are going to visit my nieces and one of my very dearest friends
who's new little man I am finally going meet!
I will, no doubt have some photos to share when I get back!

To reach us...
Email is the best; seasidestudios@shaw.ca

The Smith Family!!

Again...I get to photograph a family that I have had the pleasure of working with in the past.

Jody and Jeff Smith

This great bride was a trooper...hiking in a wedding dress,
fighting with burrs and climbing mountains!!

But wow...I think you will agree it was worth it!

We got some extraordinary images and I had so much fun with them!
Plus I think I pretty much have her convinced to do a
"Trash the Dress" session in Victoria...right Jody????

My Baby Girl is Eight!!!!

Fly a kite, eat ice cream and go to the park...a birthday wish!

My mom always said that time passed more quickly as you get older!!
Well, that is apparently true, because I am absolutely sure it was just
last week that I held this little girl in my arms and her feet barely
reached the other side on me!

Stephie you are so beautiful inside and out...I love you and
I am so proud of the little lady you are becoming.

Just not so fast...please!

Birthday Party with the buddies!

Simply Said - Elegant!

Shinobu and Lorne

This lovely lady is so beautiful and this family makes me smile from ear to ear!!
What a great combination.

Last year it was Carrie and Robin's wedding and this year I was fortunate to be
asked to photograph Lorne and Shinobu this time!
You know when you meet really "quality" people and its is just such an
absolute pleasure...well that is this family!

My only regret...
Is that I wasn't with them in Japan for the ceremony there...wow!!

A Wedding, Engagment Portrait and Marshmallows!!

We took our Fifth Wheel on its Maiden voyage to Tofino!

The kids love to camp and so everyone packed up and came along with me to Tofino
so that I could photograph a wedding and engagement session!

So on Saturday I woke up and headed out to photograph
Marla and Aaron's wedding!

Everyone at this wedding was from Alberta and France....I love destination weddings...yahoo!!

Then once the sun started to set on the day, I met up with
Kristen and Bryan on the beach and did a really cool session with them!!

And then back to the campground to have marshmallows with my kids and hubby!!
You know, I don't think a day at the office gets much better than this!!

The Ducks have a wedding on Mallard Road

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You think I'm kidding right...nope...
I'd like to introduce Erin and Geoff Duck
married on Mallard Road.

And if your going to do it...do it right!!!

There was definitely a theme here!! What a fantastic couple and family! I had a great time with these two, there was alot of laughter all around.
They wanted the emphasis to be on fun and to keep the images informal...
I'd say we got it!!

Thankyou Erin and Geoff for a wonderfully fun shoot!!

Bad Bad Blogger

My sister tells me that I need to be updating my blog every week,
all I can say is...


Never fear postings are coming, to name a few...

* Some fantastic wedding couples to share with you!

* A personal confession...I feel its time!
* Photography class announcements!
* and some really fun and successful photo-shoots!

So, my apologies that I am not the most consistent blogger...
I'm just way to busy meeting some wonderful people and photographing their moments!